Alice Giampieri

Alice Giampieri will teach at 2018. You can attend 2 workshops with her:

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Who’s Alice Giampieri?

Alice is one of the greatest exponents of Tribal Fusion in Italy. She is well know for her unique style, elegant, fluid and always full of grace. Oriental bellydance was her first love. She studied and taught it for many years and it continues to influence her vision of dance.

She has been member of the “Emotional Tribal Fusion” company De Nova Luce directed by Francesca Pedretti. She has studied Ballet, Flamenco, Bharatanatyam Indian dance, Oriental dance, Tribal Fusion and Tribal ATS and has improved her oriental and tribal technique by studying with numerous international teachers like Jillina, Saida, Virginia Mendez, Kaeshi Chai, Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Morgana, Sera Solstice, Mira Betz, and Kami Liddle, and she is currently studying Hip Hop and Popping at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC. She is certified in the first level of Zoe Jakes “DanceCraft” format . She directed her own school “Aynin” in Italy from 2009 to 2014 untill she moved to New York City. As a soloist, she has been invited to teach and perform in the most important festivals in Italy and has performed internationally in Paris, New York, and Barcelona.

Alice was selected several times to be a member of the Bellydance Evolution show “The Dark Side of the Crown” directed by Jillina. She performed with BDE in Washington DC, New York City, Miami, Japan, Los Angeles and a 28 show tour in Holland. She was also part of the casting in the premiere of the BDE “Alice in Wonderland” show in San Diego.

Alice collaborates with Francesca Pedretti in the theatrical bellydance project ‘Divina Commedia‘, which has been touring Italy and Europe since 2014 with workshops and a show, and they recently successfully produced the event in New York in collaboration with Kaeshi Chai, in UK inside the Gothla UK festival and in Paris. Alice was a member of the Bellyqueen company in NYC from 2014-2017 directed by Kaeshi Chai. She is currently teaches classes in the Bellyqueen School of Dance and continues to teach and perform in Italy and internationally.