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Who’s Morgana?

With a degree in digital post-production of sound, since 1994 Morgana is a dancer and choreographer, co-founder of the dance company “Excalibur” and director of the school “Nieblas de Avalon” and “Morgan East & West”.

She studied martial arts since the age of 7: Karate (Shotokan and Shito Ryu), Fencing and Wu-Shu (Serrato School), together with the techniques of the saber and the sword.

In 1991 she began to study modern and contemporary dance, and the same year she won the silver medal in the category ‘solo’ of modern dance in Madrid.

In 1999 she joined the group of Angelica Solana, choreographer and director of the Spanish Federation of Aerobic and Funky, participating and winning the 4th place in the funky world competition.

Since 1993, she perfected for four years the jazz technique with Eva Sanz and Begoña Jiménez at Karen Taft Dance Center.

In 1998 she began her studies of oriental dance. Her first teacher of Egyptian style and folklore was Andrawis Fathy, the Egyptian National Ballet choreographer.

In 1999 she approaches the American tribal style, and used it as specialized technical basis for developing her own style of Tribal Fusion and Gothic that combines the art of oriental dance with modern dance, the discipline of martial arts with the expressiveness of mime and theater, and with an aesthetic that ranges from Chinese and Japanese culture to science fiction and Victorian era.

She completed her dance studies attening various courses and styles of tip tap, tango, gypsy dances, fusion Indian BarathaNatyam, Afro-Cuban and interpretation and body expression. Since 1993 teaches funky dance and jazz, and oriental dance from 2001 until the opening of first dance school in 2006 “Nieblas de Avalon”, a true pioneer in the Tribal Fusion and Gothic in Spain. “Nieblas de Avalon” has been the first professional school in Spain with 5 levels of education in Tribal Fusion, now replaced by the new school “Morgan East & West”.

Since 2006, she has been instructor and guest dancer in dance festivals, theater, seminars and training courses of Tribal Fusion throughout Spain, Europe and North America.


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